Hi! I'm Jillian Baker.

My daughter Nicole insists I should start by telling you that I am, indeed, one in a Jillian. I have been in the internet marketing field on and off since I was 16 years old. (More than half of my life.) I was raised by and among small business owners, and it has been my great honor to serve in a capacity that raises up small businesses. 

Lattice Marketing has been around since 2011 (officially 2012). In that time, I have served an amazing variety of businesses. I have more "favorite clients" than it seems any one small business owner deserves. I love to enmesh myself in the business of my clients. To understand not only their marketing goals, but what they value most in business and in life. I am always seeking ways to provide more than the value of an effective website, but the value of friendship and guidance as well.  

As a testament to decades surrounded by small business owners, I have some extremely smart people in my corner who I can reach out to for any number of reasons. I would joke that my rolodex is made of gold, but my younger clients might not get the reference. Suffice to say that there are few questions to which I cannot find the answer when it comes to both business and life management. I take great joy in adding people to my network and introducing them to people who can be of help to them as well. 

That being said, I look forward to meeting with you soon. Please reach out at (908) 248-2689

Some Cool Facts About Me:

when my father, Michael Pierone, owner of MicroDesign Systems purchased a copy of NetObjects Fusion. By 16 I had designed my first ever business website for a company that sold large format printers.

Called Keep Smiling Dose of Hope 2 along side many amazing and inspiring people, such as one of the founders of the Make a Wish Foundation and the Founder of BNI (Business Network International), Ivan Misner. 

and fixing computers in peoples' homes. Mostly, I helped little old ladies learn how to send emails with photos to their grandkids. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and taught me to be very patient with the less than technically inclined.

From drugs and alcohol since March 2, 2009, and while I associate with many wonderful, anonymous people, I choose not to be anonymous, as I find that my honesty has put me in a position to be a source of hope for others. I may not be perfect, but I live a life of integrity today.  

thanks to my amazing mother Diane, who showed me that no medium lacked joy. My inclination towards being a crafting "Jill of all trades" with love for graphic art, paint, sculpture, wire work, beading, crochet, woodwork and more, very much comes from observing her willingness to dive into every creative activity she could get her hands on when I was growing up. You can find my art on instagram at @now.thats.just.jilly

In addition to inpired art and commissioned art, I also have a merch shop containing both my hand drawn graphic art pieces as well as other designs, available on everything from mugs, to tees, to blankets, hats and bathmats. You can find my merch shop here. 

for my amazing husband, Victor Baker. Together, we produce educational automotive youtube content. It's a side, hobby for now, that we hope to grow exponentially in the next 2 to 5 years. Please send his channel to the car-lovers in your life:

Orange Autos Youtube  - Orange You Glad it isn't a Lemon?


At the time of writing, I have 2 amazing, grown stepchildren, a wonderful son-in-law, and two bio-kiddos at home. Through my stepdaughter and son-in-law, I have a grandson and a granddaughter, with another granddaughter on the way. 

I have always had the option of hanging up my business owner hat for a perhaps more lucrative, high paid corporate employee hat, but I find time far more valuable than money, and have chosen to build a life that allows me to spend that time where it counts the most... nurturing my family, most importantly, the children in the family. 

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